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The Prospect Of Bank Recognition Of Faces Using Technology

Advancement in technology has paved way for quite a number of innovations in our homes, business, places of worship and even the banks that we do business with on daily basis.

Of course, it is evidently clear to us now, more than it has always been, that technological innovations have spread their tentacles into every human affair.

The society we live in and the way we run our things have not been spared in any way by the new order of technological advancement our world has witnessed of late.

As it is now, sophisticated impact of technology on the society we live in has again demonstrated that the way we do things has been shaped and structured by technology in no small measure.

Take for instance, most banks now trail the identities of people they service so that they can note their images. Some of these banks conclude that such move becomes necessary to as to ascertain the identity of those who transact business with them.

Unfortunately, banks use facial recognition technology implanted in their installed cameras to capture images of their customers without their knowledge.

Our concern now is whether it is ideal for these banks to capture our images without our consent. As humans, we have our right of privacy to be enjoyed to the extreme. Banks lacked every justification to steal this right from us because it is absolute for our survival.

On this note, it can be inferred that Muslim women, who conceal their true identities from the public as a result of the garments they put on their body, are very smart.

By the virtue of their garments, they have made themselves immune from the activities of the Facial Recognition Technologies (FRT) already at work in these banks we patronize.

It is therefore now obvious than ever that we should start wearing sunglasses so that we can protect our identities.

Just as I had imagined, some of these banks use the FRT for selfish reasons. I learnt that the technology is used in trailing customer’s identities so that the banks can send designated officials to greet them from time to time.

Obviously, when the customers are made to feel very important, they will continue to give the banks their patronage. This patronage that banks want does not give them the control over our images.

We should not be made to subject our privacy just because some banks want to make more money. Even if this was to be, there is every need that our consent should be sought first before this technology is used on us.

It is highly disturbing that reverse is the case. Banks that use the technology see their selfish desires more important than the privacy we cherished.

We cannot shy away from the basic truth that the FRT can be used to detect the faces of those who engage in one crime or the other in the bank. Through it, we can check bank related criminal activities.

But the major issue at our disposal is the prevalence of error in the system. There could be mixed up in the captured faces especially when the machine is faulty.

This is to say that it could be possible for the machine to mislead us in our judgement. Once this happens, we might find ourselves arresting people who never commit any crime just because of a technical fault on the part of the technology.

By and large, it will be good if these banks continue to use facial technology to run a check on criminal activities that can, one day, halt our banking system rather than use it to deprive the people the right to manage their images themselves.

Obviously, this everyday advancement in technology must be used to better our lives and to secure our lives and properties. We can’t cherish anything more than this.